@INFIN8SON is the one with a strange twitter handle.

He claims to be one from way back in the day that used to wear sandals.

On his twitter page, he states that he is the 888 so now it’s time to rip him to pieces

Because he is not the numerical version in the gematria format of Jesus.

His boasts and his tweets are out of proportion.

He thinks that he is the Lord, but dropped down to carry out…

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Ode to Ebola

There’s something going around that is looking to go worldwide like Coca-Cola.

Unfortunately, it’s the once-isolated epidemic that is called Ebola.

People are beginning to freak out because of the outbreak of the virus.

There’s no need to worry.  Ebola is not as skanky as Miley Cyrus.

When only Africans were contracting Ebola, the medical world was unsure,

But when Caucasians contracted it, then…

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The knife that fell from the sky

Have you ever heard of a knife falling from the sky? Believe it or not, the Damoclean event happened to a man in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province on Thursday.

The 57-year-old man, surnamed Xiao, was hit on the head by a knife that fell from a residential building while he was on his way home, the Huaxi Metropolis Daily reported.

Perhaps most surprising was that Xiao didn’t realize his wound and kept walking for a further 200 meters before others informed him of the knife which had penetrated 10 cm into his head.

Thanks to timely surgery, however, Xiao is now in good condition.

The knife was part of his neighbor’s gardening equipment according to an initial police investigation.