Boy’s arm bitten at zoo raises public safety concerns

#bear in a #zoo has bitten off the arm of a nine-year-old Chinese boy who stuck his arm through the cage trying to feed it.

The boy was sent to the hospital immediately, but unfortunately, his arm had to be amputated.

The boy’s family claims safety is a serious problem in the zoo.

The zoo granted the family an immediate compensation of 5,000 yuan (around $815) for the boy’s medical treatment. Zoo authorities also say that they will pay all of the bills associated with the child’s medical treatment, according to a Beijing News report on Tuesday.

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Ode to Mohamed Hamzah Khan

In life, some people will do delusional things to prove that they are the nicest,

But this teenager went from not living in crisis to attempting to join ISIS.

He thought that the people around him did not care.

He was caught attempting to board a flight to the Middle East from O’Hare.

He tried to slip out of the country at the break of dawn,

But fortunately, authorities arrested Mohamed Hamzah…

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